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Tubular Skylights brighten your life at home with natural light.

Bring beautiful, natural light into your home with Solatube’s innovative tubular daylighting technologies and convert dark spaces into places you love.


Bring beautiful natural light into your home.

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Our Solatube Daylighting Systems are all about delivering maximum natural light into your home. Our tubular skylights are designed to install quickly with no major modifications to your attic or roof. With the most advanced technologies available—from the sunlight-capturing dome to the reflective tube you can feel confident that you have the premium daylighting system available.


Brilliant Technology

Spectralight® Infinity Tubing.

Integrated Solar-Electric Technology.

Decorative Fixtures Deliver It Beautifully.

Natural Light for Any Area In Your Home.

White Waves

More Product Features that Absolutely Shine.

Sunlight Collectors

Whether you choose our high-utility dome or our sleek, low-profile collector, you’ll benefit from having the most advanced sunlight-capturing technologies available on your roof.

Different Sizes & Shapes for Different Areas

We offer different tubular skylight sizes (160 DS and 290 DS, 10”- and 14”- wide tubes, respectively, with lengths up to 30’) to fit different applications and spaces.

Mounting for Any Roof

Solatube has leak-proof flashing options to mount its sunlight collectors (standard and low-profile) on any roof type, from shingle to tile, and everything in between.

Diffusers for Beautiful Delivery

We offer a full line of attractive fixtures—both round and square—that create gorgeous spaces in your home with beautiful, diffused light. Our Classic and Architect Series can add style and beauty into any decor.

Add-Ons & Accessories

From an integrated solar-powered nightlight to dimming, electric light and ventilation add-ons, you get the options you need to completely control your daylighting environment.


Installing Your New Solatube Daylight System is Easy. See How.

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